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We're Making A Splash!

We love V2O and it’s easy for us to tell you how great it is. But we love even more when others love it, too!

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Hollywood, FL

Can I just say it is delicious!!!!!! Thank you for making this amazing water!!!!!!

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Phoenix, AZ

Loving V2O Honey-Ginger.

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Charlotte, NC

I am absolutely in love with this product! It is soo good.

Made with Simply
the Best Ingredients

Fresh, bubbly deliciousness from our family to you. V2O is made with simply the best ingredients, no added sugar, no artificial color or ingredients, and zero preservatives. V2O is non-GMO, gluten free, contains antioxidants and has a low glycemic index. It’s flavored with sweet balsamic, giving you the revitalizing benefits of drinking vinegar. Refreshing bubbles tickle your tongue, a nice dose of probiotic ‘mother’ ups the good-for-you quota and our small batches mean the highest quality.

What's V2O?

Naturally sweet and flavorful, V2O is so much tastier than a plain fizzy water, and at only 40 calories per bottle, our sweet white balsamic brings you actual health benefits: natural probiotics and antioxidants, low glycemic index … all the health benefits of drinking vinegar with the light, sweet flavor of a refreshing treat.

Cranberry Pear

Tart fresh cranberry and the juicy sweet notes of ripe pears. V2O is packed with antioxidants!

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Honey Ginger

Rich, sweet amber honey notes and a zingy splash of bright ginger make for a light, effervescent taste. Excellent alone, exceptional as a mixer.

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Sicilian Lemon

A delicately sweet, citrusy splash of bright Sicilian Lemon. Only 40 calories per bottle!

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Want To Learn More?

Learn more about V2O and the amazing health properties of our sparkling balsamic water.